Custom crystal

Here at Matashi, we perfected our unique crystal designs and created beautiful gift collections that have been enhancing lives for many years. All collections exhibit premium Matashi crystals moreover each design is handcrafted down to the minute detail. Matashi is proud to share that our custom design house is based in the U.S. For more information, check out our website, !

to inspire awe.
And aww.

From breathtaking wearables to adorable figurines and beyond, each creation in the Matashi catalog touches the senses. Our designers’ work also offer creative opportunities for self-expression through premium gifting ideas and impeccably lifelike collectibles. All of this at the most attractive prices.

crafted Designs in
the USA.

  Matashi presents the finest in American craftsmanship and inspiration. We stand behind our products with American pride, and every one of them are protected by an unwavering warranty against defects, damage and breakage.

 A philosophy
built on pleasing

At Matashi, we aim to bring a sparkle into your life. Our designs are thus complemented by a customer relations philosophy that positions you as the center gem of all our efforts. Whether you find interest in our design language or in our customer communications protocols, we invite you to speak with a live representative or connect with us via email.